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1.PHP senior programmer

Job description and requirements:

1. basic computer knowledge, more than 5 years of object-oriented PHP development experience; good English, can read foreign technical information independently;
2. database application development experience, familiar with MySQL developer is preferred;
3. familiar with the Linux development platform, understanding the commonly used network protocol (TCP/UDP/HTTP/SOCKET/SMB/DLNA/UPnP, etc.);
4. familiar with the management of Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached and so on;
5. familiar with Zend, Framework/CI and other PHP frameworks is preferred;
6. familiar with the server architecture, skilled in using HTML, CSS, Mysql, Ajax, Javascript, have some cross browser development experience;
7. proficient in project team management tools, such as Subversion and Git, good code programming habit, strong documentation ability, learning ability and communication ability;
8. strong sense of teamwork, high sense of responsibility, rigorous and independent work;

2.Embedded Software Engineer (Internet of things)

Job description and requirements:

1. major in electronics, communication, automation, computer and other related fields, more than 5 years of embedded programming experience, can develop SCM system independently;
2. master SCM assembly, C programming language, familiar with the mainstream microcontroller; familiar with IAR, Keil, VC and other development environment, can read the circuit diagram;
3. familiar with various external interfaces, I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485, SPI, and embedded software development processes;
4. familiar with Linux operating system is preferred;
5. used STM32, MSP430, ARM, Cotext, M0/M3 SCM priority; familiar with Bluetooth 4, Zigbee and other wireless communications priority;
6. with dedication and cooperation spirit, good coordination and communication skills.

3.Android Application Development Engineer (Internet of things related)

Job description and requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above, major in computer science or electronics, more than 5 years Android programming experience;
2. proficient in Java language, familiar with design patterns, in-depth understanding of object-oriented development ideas;
3. familiar with Android system architecture, skilled use of Google API, proficient in UI development, able to write specifications of technical documents;
4. bachelor degree, 2 + years of Android application development experience, especially excellent graduating students;
5. with complete App development experience is preferred, with the Internet of things, smart home and other intelligent hardware product development experience is preferred;
6. strong ability to read technical documents in english;
7. Good command of software engineering knowledge, logical thinking ability and good working habits;
8. good analytical and creative problem solving skills, able to handle key research tasks independently. Must be good at team work and communication, initiative and active.

4.IOS Software Engineer (Internet of things related)

Job description and requirements:

1. bachelor degree or above, major in computer science or electronics, more than 5 years IOS programming experience;

2.Development and implementation of iPhone/iPad software client;
3. responsible for the design, implementation, testing and functional maintenance of the application products on iPhone/iPad;
4. design of human-computer interaction interface;
5. quickly learn and master relevant new technologies according to the needs of the project;
6. communicate with project staff and communicate with other members of the team.
7. proficient in Objective-C, Swift and other languages, familiar with object-oriented programming methods;
8. familiar with iphone/iOS mobile platform development, master iPhone SDK related technology development and application, more than three years of application development experience;
9. able to undertake iPhone/iPad client development independently, including requirements analysis, design and implementation;

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