With the development of artificial intelligence, face recognition technology has been used in many fields, and the use of face recognition technology on intelligent lock is more convenient for people's life. Face recognition technology is based on human facial features, to input face image or video stream recognition processing. Compared with fingerprint recognition, its main advantage is that face recognition smart locks can automatically detect face images, without user contact, with one look can be unlocked.
     With the overall popularity of intelligent mobile phone, greatly facilitate the people's daily life, in every day to open the door, locked the door, in daily life, people use the convenience and safety of the lock also has a strong demand, we introduced the use of intelligent mobile phone equipment to manage the daily use of the original secureChain security lock intelligent lock solutions, combined with supporting the mobile phone app smart lock management, effective and convenient life.
For the user's absolute attention to the safety of personal authentication security,we have long been engaged in the study of biometric technology ,launched an independent research and development KST fingerprint algorithm ,to provide a high-performance fingerprint identification technology for users.
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